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The article to the left, from the Brighton Gazette dated 28th August 1910, indicates that the show had 480 exhibits. The Chairman of the committee "of local ladies and gentlemen" was Mr. Hugh Gorringe of Kingston House.   


This article above, from the South of England Advertiser dated 1st September 1910, indicates that this show was the fourth of its kind to have taken place in Southwick, the first therefore having taken place in 1906.  


In  1910 this was held in Croft Meadow, the area where Croft Avenue is situated now, by kind permission of Mr. A. Upton.

This article above, from the West Sussex Gazette dated 4th September 1913, indicates that the show was now called the Southwick and Kingston Flower Show and was attended by the Portslade Band. Mr. Hugh Gorringe presented the prizes as in previous years.   


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